Oral Presentation Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines carefully when preparing your presentation. 


Kindly note that following your allotted time is necessary to maintain the conference schedule. Thank you for respecting your limited time. 

The detailed interactive programme is available on the IPC-IOPC 2024 website.  


      All oral presentations must be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Presenters are fully responsible for the presentation content (order, graphics, etc.). Presentations must be delivered in English. 

      To prepare your presentation, please use an up-to-date version of Microsoft PowerPoint (but older versions are also supported). The screens’ aspect ratio will be 16:9. Please avoid using Apple Keynote and Prezi presentations. The on-site computers will handle Windows versions of PowerPoint only. Please make sure your presentation is in a compatible format as indicated below.  


      PPTX/PDF (500MB maximum) 
      When saving your final presentation to a USB stick, make sure that you included your video or multimedia files (if any). Any external content should be embedded directly in the presentation.  


      There are 2 ways how to upload your presentation: 

      A) The first and recommended option is to upload your presentation via the conference online platform. Please note that an already approved file cannot be uploaded again, therefore reuploads must be done in the Speakers’ Ready Room on-site in Prague.

      1. Visit https://prague2020.gcon.me

      2. Log in with your e-mail address (please use the same e-mail address as during the abstract submission) in the top right corner “User login.” You will obtain your password by e-mail, and you may continue (please save the password for future use).

      3. Click on your name in the top right corner and go to “Personal page“.

      4. Select “Upload presentation“.

      5. Upload your final presentation.


      B) The second option is to hand over your presentation to the personnel in the SPEAKERS’ READY ROOM on a USB flash disk as soon as possible, but no later than TWO HOURS BEFORE the start of your session

      Presentations for an early morning session should be handed over the evening before (if possible). 

      The IT personnel will upload your presentation and you will be able to check that the presentation is operating correctly. 

      Please note that it is not possible to present from your laptop in the lecture room. All presentations must be uploaded in the Speakers’ Ready Room.  

      SPEAKERS’ READY ROOM is located in room named Quadrant. 

      Opening Hours: 

      Monday, 27 May:  15:00 – 18:00 
      Tuesday, 28 May:  7:30 – 19:00 
      Wednesday, 29 May:  7:30 – 19:00 
      Thursday, 30 May:  7:30 – 17:00 



      You will be assisted by a hall assistant who can show you how to operate your presentation, remote control, pointer, etc. Please come to the lecture room shortly before the session starts and be ready when it is your turn to present to minimise wasted time. You should be in the lecture room prior to your presentation time in case there are last-minute changes during the session (e.g. cancelled presentation before your talk). 


      For any questions you may have relating to Oral presentation do not hesitate to contact the IPC/IOPC Organizing Secretariat at abstracts@prague2020.cz.